Saaremaa Piimaühistu

Saaremaa Piimaühistu members are dairy manufacturers from Saaremaa, Muhumaa and Hiiumaa. It has been a association since 1996. The purpose of Saaremaa Piimaühistu is to organize members’ joint activities, consultations, procurements for inputs and creating outputs for products’ in appraisal processes and distribution. In 2015 there were 48 members in the association, and about 70 operating farms, which some manufacture organic milk. There are 5100 dairy cows, as well as young animals. West Estonian islands’ flora and clean natural environment ensure dairy’s pure taste and high quality. Dairy’s appraisal happens in Estonians most contemporary industry in Saaremaa.

Saaremaa Piimaühistu members achieve through joint procurements wide-ranged and low-priced agricultural inputs, primarily because of participating in the commercial association Farm In. By 2014 at least 75% of Saaremaa Piimaühistu members’ self-produced dairy has been distributed to PLC Saaremaa Piimaühistu, which the association owns. PLC Saaremaa Piimaühistu development strategy is to develop sustainable production basis in Saaremaa, and further structural expansion out of Saare county. In addition growing in co-operation with other Estonian associations and international partners. The aim is to ensure the association members’ sustainable management, and the best dairy price in the region. PLC Saaremaa Piimaühistu subsidiary is PLC Pinus, which offers logistical and distributional support to the dairy association members’ output. PLC Pinus field of activity is perishable food products’ retail and wholesale business. Since 2001 there is a contemprorary refrigerated warehouse in Tallinn.

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