Eestimaa Piimatootjate Ühistu

Eestimaa Piimatootjate Ühistu

Eestimaa Piimatootjate Ühistu was founded in 1997 to gather dairy manufacturers for a purpose of jointly buying inputs and selling dairy. In 2014 the association had 36 members, of whom 20 were legal persons and 16 were self-employed persons. The association members owned 3945 dairy cows.

In 2014 Eestimaa Piimatootjate Ühistu cattle sizes were:

Up to 50 cows – 18 herds

51-100 cows – 11 herds

101-200 cows – 2 herds

201-500 cows – 3 herds

Over 500 cows – 2 herds

In 2014 the association selled on average 84 metric tons of milk per day. It is not known how much grassland members own or how many young animals they have. In addition to dairy cows some members breed beef animals.

From 1999 up until 2009 the association owned a dairy plant in Vändra, where Estonian cheese was being manufactured. In 2009 the association joined with Eesti Juustu Tootmise OÜ, and after that the manufacturing in Eestimaa Piimatootjate Ühistu ended. Currently the association intermediates the selling of dairy and stocking the inputs.

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