Piiratud Vastutusega SCE E-Piim is a dairy company owned by Estonian farmers that has more than 100 years experiences in milk processing. Company has two manufacturing facilities that produce cheese, milk based powders and butter. Letter E stands for Estonian milk. E-Piim is export- oriented company and by using its name E-Piim it introduces Estonian dairy industry to the world. Long time traditions and climatically favorable location in strong agricultural area have formed the basis of successful milk processing at high level. Pure Estonian nature is excellent premise of producing milk of very high quality and pure taste.

Both E-Piim dairy factories were founded in the beginning of 20th century. Põltsamaa dairy, that is located in the middle of Estonia, was founded in 1910, and Järva-Jaani dairy, that is located 70 km to the North, was founded 1911. Today Põltsamaa dairy is cheese factory that has a year’s capacity of 10 000 tons of cheese, and Järva-Jaani dairy is powder factory that has a year’s capacity of 8 000 tons of powders. Both factories are certified by BRC Food quality certificates. Järva-Jaani dairy has additionally Halal and Kosher certificates. Raw milk is collected from about 200 farmers, and in a year they process about 120 000 raw produce. The purpose of E-Piim is to process milk at high level, and offer the best to the world that is made from Estonian milk.

Homepage: www.epiim.ee/en/

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