Commercial association Farm In

On August 2nd 2011 eight Estonian farmers' associations established the commercial association Farm In with an intention to support and market association members' interests through joint business. The commercial association Farm In was founded by E-Piim, MTÜ Ühispiim, Eesti Piimatootjate Ühistu, Eesti Lihaveisekasvatajate Selts, Rakvere Piimaühistu, Saaremaa Piimaühistu, Metsaküla Piim AS and Kevili PÜ. Incentive to establish the association Farm In was the need to guarantee to the members maximum beneficial inputs that are possible to achieve only through large, but stably and effectively organised joint procurements.

Farm In is a commercial association, which consists of eigth different associations, who group together 650 agricultural manufacturers.

The core values of Farm In are

  • Trust
  • Cooperation
  • Productivity

Our strength is in our members

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